I am a game developer and avid game accessibility advocate, and predominantly make games about ethical and social issues.

Since 2017, I have been completing #1GameAMonth, and the games I’ve made as part of this are found on my #1GAM portfolio.

Please check out my portfolio at to see all my published games.

Bound By Blood
A blood soaked menstrual pad with a gold coin behind it.
Award Laurel. Freeplay Independent Games Festival 2018 Excellence in Narrative.Play through a day in the life of a homeless woman who gets her period on the day of a job interview.

The Playground
Screenshot for Itch2

A 3D modelled playground scene.
Skybox, grass, sand, tree trunk and bark chip textures are not my own, everything else is.

Partners In Silence
PIS logo2

A two-player cooperative card game experienced in complete silence. Find your voices, or remain voiceless forever!


A single player self-reflective experiential card game for people who have big feelings.

The Adventures of Qunju Spark
Qunju Spark Logo

A short narrative exploring aro/ace identities and relationships.

Trashfire KeyboardTKlogo
A game-like thing about existing in a trashfire with a keyboard.

Digital Retaw

A local co-op, twine-based, digital version of a card game about saving the world in unconventional ways.

The Ideas of Retaw PNP
Undertake the many missions of Retaw using unconventional resources in this tabletop party game.