Sometimes, I write words about things I know, and they get put somewhere. You can find some of my writings here.


DiGRAA Australia – Accessible Icebreakers: Designing a Requirement-based Taxonomy
Extended Abstract

slides and extended abstract about the process of creating a requirement-based taxonomy for accessible icebreaker games

GAYA -“It’s Complicated”: My friendship with Global Game Jam
A short article about an introvert’s relationship with Global Game Jam.

GAYA – Learning rules through play: Magic Maze and board game tutorials
A short article about tutorial systems in cooperative board games.

GAYA – Breaking Ice Not People: How Icebreakers Need To Be More Accessible and Inclusive
short article about accessibility and inclusion in icebreaker games.


GAYA – Content Warning: Content Warnings, Why They Matter, and How To Do Them Well
short article about how to write effective content warnings.

GAYA – An Exhibitor’s Guide to Convention Accessibility
top tips for exhibitors for enabling accessibility at conventions.

GAYA – Acknowledging the fuzzy space: Game accessibility beyond gaming
short article about accessibility and vision impairment in gaming atmospheres.

Queerly Represent Me Accessible Images Guide
a guide aimed to demystify the process of adding alt text to images on a website.